Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Well I made it through the holidays with a minimum of skipped runs, no added pounds and all of my sanity.

So far the spring season TNT'ers have had the welcome breakfast (Dec 2nd), a group run in Bethesda (Dec 9th) and a pace run (Dec 16th). December 9th presented a special treat because the Jolly Fat Man run was sharing the Capital Crescent Trail. You know that parking in Bethesda (which shouldn't be an issue at 0800 on a Saturday morning) is going to be fun when the first thing you see rounding the corner is the DC-101 promotional vehicle parked. I parked a block away and nearly croaked when I heard the race announcer say they had 700 runners. Did I mention the Crescent Trail isn't that wide? Oh and that it was 25 degrees that morning?!? Hello only crazy TNT fools should be on the trail in those conditions. No harm no foul, the race went off and we waited about half an hour and were able to run with no problem.

On the random front, over a decade in Maryland seems to have seeped in.

How Maryland Are You?
Your Result: You're 100% Maryland

You have erected a shrine to Ray Lewis in your living room, complete with a "BELIVE 'HON" bumper sticker on your car. You can name every county in the state and refer to Howard County as "Ho Co." The second you step over the stae line, you feel weird, and need a Natty Bo.

You're 80% Maryland
You're 60% Maryland
You're 20% Maryland
You're 40% Maryland
How Maryland Are You?

Now I don't know about shrines to Ray Lewis but rooting for the Ravens is usually a less sad exercise than being a Redskins fan. But when it comes to lacrosse I bleed black and blue not red. And it you are a Marylander you know what I mean.