Sunday, May 10, 2009

A new tradition

My running wouldn't be possible without two incredibly amazing supportive people - my boyfriend and my mom. These are the people who do not roll their eyes when I blather on about shoes, gear, tempo runs, hill repeats, track workouts, and scheduling such things. Both of them endure "when are you going to race?" comments from my dear running friends. Today my mom and I completed the inaugural Pacers Running Festival Mom and me challenge. We did the mixed event - she walked the 5K and I ran the half marathon. I was supposed to be using it as training run for a race 3 weeks hence, went out a little fast (ok too fast on the 500 foot descent over the first 1.5 miles) and definitely did not PR on course that was hillier than I anticipated. Mom relayed the following about her 5K 1) she wasn't the last person, even though she refused to turn her head and look behind her, a kindly race official confirmed it for her at the turnaround and 2) she passed people! She is willing to try another 5K in the fall with a little more training and let's just say I'll be running the Mom and me 5K event with her next year!