Friday, October 27, 2006

Count down to the big event

This weekend a little thing called the Marine Corps Marathon takes over your nation's capitol. Now I have the running fever but not the patience to run the approximately 6 hours it would take me to finish a marathon. But my fellow teammates have been training all season long for the big day and I thought I'd share their thoughts as the day approached.

Twas three sleepnights before the race
And throughout metropolitan D.C.,
Carb-loading marathoners dreamt apace
Of the fans semper fidelis they might see.
The season, training since May, had been long . . .
And their legs/knees/feet were oft sore.
But they planned to finish strong!
(The effects of pilates on their core?)
With determination on their faces,
They remembered their mission: a CURE!
As they tied and re-tied their laces,
Victory, one step at a time, was sure.

The weather forecast for run/walking was ideal --
The better to attract a supportive crowd.
These TNT athletes imagined the zeal
Of friends and family cheering, cowbelling loud.
The course offered numerous chances, it seemed
For enterprising spectators, travelers among them,
To shout, "Run strong!" and "GO TEAM!"
Spectator Information

So when, where, how to find (or text) Stro?
Averaging 12.5 minutes per mile . . .
Singlet purple, visor green (day-glo) . . .
Mostly, thanks to your support, by her smile

To read Daphne's take on all of this
It's Three Days Away

I will be running the 10K companion race and then will be on the course cheering people on. Run Strong and GO TEAM!

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