Monday, October 30, 2006

The tortoise becomes a hare?!?

Ever since I ran the Army 10 miler I have been moderately enamored (ok slightly obesssed) with the idea of running a half marathon in Washington DC. It was truly amazing to run down Independence Ave at the 10 miler, run past the monuments that are so familiar and ok I admit it have friends and family come watch me run. But there was a small hurdle to overcome -- in order to participate in the second annual National Half Marathon I needed to qualify. I am known for being stubborn but I have to say I was hoping to only have to try once because the racing opportunities are thinning out as the weather gets colder. I am pleased to report at yesterday's Marine Marathon 10K time proved to be a winner!

To put this in perspective you only need to look back at my timed run in May. I was happy just to finish (at a 14 minute per mile pace). Yesterday I went out and ran 6.2 miles as if it were second nature. That must be some sort of minor miracle. (Or as Coach Rich said while we watched the Marine Corps Marathoners finish, some really good coaching - I am inclined to agree).

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