Monday, March 26, 2007

Oops I did it again...

... and unlike Britney it didn't involve shaving my head but shaving some time off my personal best for a half marathon. I have gone from 2:58 (Virginia Beach) to 2:23 (Philadelphia) to 2:20. Whoo hoo! It was a great day -- good course, lots of friends and family to cheer me on, cool weather (though I couldn't done without the soaking at about 6:15 before the race start) and a good run. The marathon course ran through all four quadrants of DC and the half marathoners hit three of the four quadrants. I believe we were a bit a sight to behold on Minnesota Ave SE for miles 10-11as I am not sure the neighbors quite understood why we were running. The small crowd was fun -- Minnesota Ave has some rolling hills -- there were some pre-teen girls telling us "no walking up the hill!" which I thought was sweet. I followed their "instructions", ran a piece of mile 11 with Coach John and trudged on to East Capitol Street to run back to RFK. Coach Anita was there for the last tenth of a mile (up another darn hill) lightly jogging beside me and goading me... you can't pass me ... to which I am thinking "you had hip surgery three weeks ago - damn straight I better pass you!" and I chugged on in to the finish line. A post run omelet at the Royal Restaurant and a chocolate donut... it doesn't get any better than this!

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