Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ready to run

Hmm, maybe a subject line about running away from the altar isn't the best choice?!? If there is a country song about everything I can't think of the one that says I am ready to pound my joints for 13.1 miles through the streets of Washington DC because I think it's a fun challenge.

It has been an eventful season... I trained for most of February on my own, endured cold mornings, icy sidewalks and a nose that wanted to run too. HA. We discovered the second most popular thing at water stops was the box of tissues!

Saturday marks 1/2 marathon number 3. The first time I was worried about finishing, the second time about running alone, and this time, well I am worried that I am not worried. (aka overconfidence). Every time gets easier but because it's me the worrying never stops. I have a time goal in mind, but all I will say here is that I'd like for it to be the same as Philly (2:23). Wish me luck!

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