Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Am I turning into a runner?

Let's see ... the warning signs of a new-found obsession are present: 1- I arranged my vacation around it last weekend, 2- I willingly get out of bed before 0700 on a Saturday and 3- just because it's the 4th of July, it's still a training day and thus I still willingly got out of bed before 0700.

Today's schedule called for a 3 mile run - tack on .2 for good measure and you have a 5K. I ran the 6th Annual Cure Autism Now 5k as my training run. I wasn't really interested in a PR (personal record) but I knew I could do it in 43 minutes or less, as my TNT pace run only took that long. I finished in 38.2 minutes, far exceeding my expectations and establishing a new benchmark for myself.

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