Saturday, July 01, 2006

What time is it?!?

We finally had to move our start time to 0700. About the time I wake up on weekdays I was in the car headed for 16th Street and my carpool buddies, thinking all the while "what am I doing?!?" Today's run was 6 miles for half-marathoners and 10 for full marathoners. 10 will come soon enough for moi, 6 was plenty. Today's venue was the Capital Crescent Trail which has pluses (lots of shade) and minuses (the normally fragant Potomac is even more so following our week of rain). From mile 8 marker we ran to Thompson's Boat House, grabbed some water and headed back. Back at mile 8 the marathoners kept going to mile 10 but I was done! 77 minutes -- which means at least temporarily I broke the 13 minute mile barrier (not by much!). And all before 0900 on a Saturday...

Thanks to all of my wonderful friends and family I am now $200 shy of my fundraising minimum. Yippee!

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