Saturday, July 08, 2006

We're going the distance...

... and that repeat was in my head over and over as I slogged through eight, count 'em eight miles. No boys and girls this is not a typo. (although I had a moment where I was convinced it was because the half marathoners did eight miles today and full marathoners had a recovery week with six miles). Should you like to similarly torture yourself I have thoughtfully provided the means with the route below:

The Route

Highlights: Finally saw the new World War II Memorial. It's gorgeous but I am annoyed with the National Park Service that the lovely bathrooms weren't open! Lows: It was eight miles, enough said.

For all of you keeping score on my times the first six miles including a water break and potty stop (go Folklife Festival porta johns) clocked in at 75 minutes. Didn't restart the watch after mile six water stop.

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