Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Musings

I am behind on this and I know it. But gentle readers I must also point out no one submitted their favorite workout tunes. Enough said, we're even.

Last Saturday's run was eight miles -- done it once so I knew I could do it again. Only complaints - 90+ degrees and nasty humidity. The location was ok - Pierce Mill section of Rock Creek Park. It's Coach Rich's favorite which may have something to do with the fact that there seemed to be less bikers. I love the Capital Crescent Trail (maybe because it's where it all began on May 20th) but even at 0700 on a Saturday morning there are TONS of bikers. On the way home from the run I reflected that what gets me through the long runs is the joy of the back of the pack. I admit it, I envy the 8-10 minute mile group, but did you sing on your long run last Saturday? And not just any song but Buttercup. Take that you speedsters.

Tuesday was a treadmill day -- though Anne and Sarah say I get points for dedication. (I say I get penalized for laziness on Tuesday morning when the alarm went off at 0500 and I ignored it). Anne, Sarah and I are knitters and we decided to take a class at Stitch DC. (the best knitting store in the District). So at darn near 10 pm I was hitting the treadmill when I finally made it home from the Eastern Market station. I did add a few items to my workout mix on the i-pod to spice things up, but that doesn't mean y'all are off the hook!

Last night was probably the most challenging mid-week run ever. As Stro pointed out when we were done I faced (and conquered) several challenges in one 4 mile run and didn't really struggle until the last half mile. It was the usual 90 degree muggy weather (sadly I take that as a given) but since I had forgotten my water bottle and waist pack I had to carry my water. Coach Rich is right -- that really does throw off your gait. We had a luncheon at work and I have now figured out that even 5+ hours later enchiladas can really throw you off. Stro is a marathoner and her mileage mid-week has been increased to 4 miles so I had a new distance and route. Add to that we decided to run 5:1 and it's no wonder I was wrecked when I finished. And if all that wasn't enough the red line towards Glenmont required at 15 minute wait. Ugh.

Coach Rich has given us a preview of tomorrow's route. He split the distance -- marathoners are scheduled to run 12 miles and half-marathoners are scheduled to run 10 miles. He has an 11 mile route he likes so guess what - we're all running 11 miles. Fun times, I know you all secretly envy me.

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