Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How Can your resist this face?!? & Buddy Runs Continued

When I decided to run the half marathon, my dear friend Wendy offered to take a picture of her daughter with a sign that said "Run Kate, Run!" Since part of the reason I am doing this is because of children, I couldn't pass up her offer. Sahara's dad Brent will be doing a century (100 miles) bike ride with TNT Portland. So Sahara's next shoot is likely to be pedal daddy, pedal!

Update on Saturday: It was the five miles and I did finish. I adjusted my run:walk ratio down to 3:1 and that seemed to work out well. Every Saturday I go and come home and say "that's the furthest I have ever run..." which is a cool feeling.

The weather goddess has been kind to us -- tonight was the kind of night that makes running a pleasure -- 70ish degrees and a great breeze. Oh and the scenery wasn't bad either. Sahra one the TNT team captains hosted a run on the National Mall. We run up the Mall, around the reflecting pool in front of the Capitol, down the other side of the Mall, around the Washington Monument and finished on the Mall. Truly a very DC thing to do. There were no run:walkers there tonight so I ran with less formalized walk breaks. Thursday night I have a chance to run at Iwo Jima... which is tempting. Stay tuned...

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