Thursday, June 22, 2006

Over hill over dale...

... oh I don't remember. Something about dusty trails and caissons?

Last Saturday marked our first hill training day. Good skill to have, awesome training especially since some of my peers will be running the San Francisco Women's Marathon. I can honestly say I thought about that one for oh about 4 seconds. San Francisco used to exhaust me walking around on business trips - but to run 26.2 miles there?!? You have to be kidding.

At any rate I digress -- hill training = good. Repeat the mantra think bathing suit ready bottoms. But less than 1/4 mile into the route? We were out in Arlington, running on the Custis Trail - up and down the hills for 1 1/4 miles. All I can say is the conversation at the back of the pack was good because I felt the hills but I didn't want to give up.

Tuesday morning I had the bright idea to run early - beat the heat and all that. Something about sleep deprivation made me forget that my home route takes me down the hill, through part of the Maryland section of Rock Creek Trail and then into a Kensington neighborhood. Let me tell you Bexhill Rd. isn't flat. But I chugged up those hills, got to my two mile point and thought what in the heck I am doing?!? I finished less rather than was more a brisk walk back to my starting point. But hey it was 0530 - I haven't done that on a regular basis since Hopkins crew practices.

I am off to New York this weekend and lest you think I will be slacking I am happy to report 1- my first thought was where am I going to run? and 2- I have been spared running alone. TNT DC has connected me with TNT NY's marathon training program. We will be running in Riverside Park - look for a full report later.

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