Thursday, June 15, 2006

Patience is a virtue

From a very young age I remember being told that patience was a virtue -- and when I was being particularly frustrating that I seemed to have been born without it! Flash forward two decades and well, nothing's changed. Thursdays I run with my buddy Stro in Dupont Circle. Urban running is well, an exercise in patience -- you reach your stride and you have to wait for a damn crosswalk to go in your favor. Tonight as we neared the end of our run (3 miles in 43 minutes with a 4:1 run:walk ratio) I was doing the impatient thing. First I did the New York cross (cross the street because the light is your favor that way because you like the feeling that you kept moving -- the efficiency of this is highly questionable I know) but then I did something I have done in major world capitals (ok except Singapore) -- I jaywalked! BUSTED. The fine policemen of our nation's capital have been given a mandate to crack down on jaywalkers. Stro and I couldn't decide what pissed this fine officer off more -- my jaywalking or the fact that I was not carrying a photo identification. (I do wear my TNT emergency contact tag on my shoe). I talked my way out of it and escaped the $20 fine. But on the walk back to the metro I waited for every walk sign...

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