Thursday, June 01, 2006

Behind on Blogging & Buddy Runs

Since I have a loyal fan base of at least two readers I shall attempt to make up for not posting last Saturday.

Coach Rich, bless his heart (I say that now but this was not what I was thinking at 0800 last Saturday), has temporarily put the half and full marathoners on the same training program. So I showed up thinking I would be running 3 miles and got to run 4 miles as an extra special bonus. Since my last 5K (for you non-math wizards that is 3.2 miles) was in 1999, I started over-thinking - 4 miles - I can't do that. ACK! Ah but yes I can due the miracle known as run-walk. My group did a 4:1 running to walking ratio and I have to tell you the first 2 miles didn't seem so bad. Mother Nature flipped the switch on summertime Saturday morning so the last mile was not exactly fun. But I did it. Now if I only I could stop being so cerebral about distance.

Tonight I did my first mid-week buddy run. Today's high temperature was 88 degrees and the thunder and lightning has been holding off all day. Truly ideal conditions to ponder a 3 mile jog and certainly grounds to talk one's self into running indoors on the nice cushy treadmill. Ah... but as Mom always pointed out when someone is there waiting for you to show up you show up, even when you really don't want to. The lovely and gracious Stro proven to be an excellent route planner and the rains held off until we were done running. We certainly weren't speed deamons but how can you be when you have to wait to cross the street and it feels like a zillion degrees outside.

Saturday's schedule says 5 miles for marathoners. If it turns out to be 4 for the half marathon group I will consider it a lucky bonus.

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Wendy said...

You go girl! Run Kate Run!